Spring Madness

The warm weather has finally arrived, bringing along Spring Madness in my household.  For some inexplicable reason, I’ve never been subject to the normal female spring cleaning instinct.  Or any cleaning instinct for that matter.  Instead, I go into Home Improvement Overdrive and become an Event Planning Ninja.

The current stats:

Home improvement projects underway: 3

Operation Closet Organizers almost finished

Operation Daughter Big Girl Desk waiting for ordered supplies

Operation Patio Replacement currently receiving contractor quotes

Event planning projects underway: 6

Girl Scout Take Action Project: Save the Red Panda!

Girl Scout Bridging Ceremony from Daisies to Brownies

Bouncy House Birthday Sleepover (which will hopefully not include a patio project mud pit)

Bridal Shower for my awesome little sister

Family vacation to NYC for her wedding

Bridesmaid in a Lesbian Ceremony (which crosses into all kinds of interesting unknowns)

Progress made on current young adult manuscript: zero 🙁

It’s not always easy to squeeze writing into a busy family schedule when it’s an unpaid hobby, especially if you suffer from my special brand of Spring Madness Sickness.  When the times get tough, I always head to the writing blogs for advice and inspiration.  This week Natalie Whipple has an awesome post with her Too-Practical Maybe-Blunt Advice to Writers.  Check it out here.

About Jennifer Kay

Jennifer Kay is a KidLit author and Structural Engineer. She has a VCFA MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults, is an SCBWI Rockford Network Rep, edits the SCBWI IL Prairie Wind, and belongs to Mystery Writers of America. Jennifer works as a writer, freelance editor, literary agency reader, and creative writing teacher.
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