RIP Elantra

I’m sad to report my Hyundai Elantra has officially died.  She was my sidekick for twelve years and 113,000 miles, watching my back during my scary entry into the adult world.  She drove me to my first real job, carried my wedding dress to the church, was packed to the gills when I moved into my first home, and transported the most precious cargo: my baby daughter home from the hospital.  Must admit it was a sad moment watching her towed from my driveway last Monday.


My daughter and I somehow survived an entire week without a car, thanks to the help of my awesome boyfriend.  And of course I researched like a maniac to decide which vehicle would be perfect for the next chapter of my life.  After much consideration, I selected my former car’s modern twin: the Hyundai Accent.  I almost feel like I’m cheating on my old car with a newer, more technology enhanced version of herself.

IMG_9466After two days in the family, I can already tell she’s going to be a good fit.  My daughter and I spent an evening car dancing and calling people over Bluetooth.  For some inexplicable reason, the car thinks every name my daughter says is Patrick.  This morning the Accent even joined in on our Easter Egg, hiding a surprise inside my daughter’s booster seat. New family memories are already being created.  Maybe this will be the car to teach my daughter to drive!

About Jennifer Kay

Jennifer Kay is a KidLit author and Structural Engineer. She has a VCFA MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults, is an SCBWI Rockford Network Rep, edits the SCBWI IL Prairie Wind, and belongs to Mystery Writers of America. Jennifer works as a writer, freelance editor, literary agency reader, and creative writing teacher.
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