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KidLit Nonfiction Beyond Picture Book Biographies

Earlier this month, I hosted an SCBWI Rockford Network guest speaker who really resonated with me. Michael Leali, the Children’s Department Manager for Anderson’s Bookshop in La Grange, presented Beginning at the End: Informing Today’s Writing By Considering the Future … Continue reading

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Post-Grad Revelations

Last month I checked a few major writing milestones off my bucket list: 1) Delivered my graduate reading of my young adult science fiction work-in-progress, Eraser. 2) Presented my graduate lecture, Shift That Narrow Trend Line into a Scatter Plot of … Continue reading

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Can Kids Relate to Structural Engineering?

I never thought my day job as a structural engineer designing bridges would ever intersect with my dream job writing for children. Right-brain pursuits never cross paths with left-brain projects. Yet somehow they have, with a little help from my … Continue reading

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A link for your Friday morning enjoyment:,0,3605772.story#axzz2lO8AovkB As a female structural engineer, I’ve known about GoldieBlox toys for a few years.  Unfortunately my daughter fell far, far from this engineering tree so I haven’t bothered to purchase any of their toys … Continue reading

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SE – Armageddon

Once again April has arrived, and tomorrow SE-Armageddon will hit. “Hasn’t Jennifer mentioned this excruciating structural engineering exam a time or two before?” you might wonder. Why, yes I have. FIVE TIMES! “Wow, Jennifer must be the oldest, most jaded person to … Continue reading

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Groundhog Day

Most years I don’t pay much attention to the comings and goings of the celebrity groundhogs as they predict the duration of winter. If a camera crew blasted bright lights into my borough, I wouldn’t want to come outside, either. … Continue reading

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Shelf Spy

Real Actual Hilary, formerly known as The Intern, bravely blogged a picture of her bookshelf yesterday and invited others to do the same.  Check it out here.  In many ways, the contents of a reader’s bookshelf are an insight into … Continue reading

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License to Write

What have you been reading lately?  For me it’s been building codes, textbooks, and practice problems – oh my! Tomorrow morning I’ll roll my suitcase full of manuals into the structural engineering licensing exam where I’ll sit among a sea … Continue reading

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