Can I Start Over Without Quitting?

Ever floundered over what story to write?  Felt like you’re drowning in the ocean of ideas, surrounded by life preservers you can’t quite reach?  After a solid year of revising, I thought I’d be thrilled to start a first draft.  Or more accurately, to continue one of my sample chapter story ideas I’d already started.  Pixies and mermaids and space travel, oh my!

What story to choose to devote the next six months to?  Who will star in my daydreams and take over the wee hours of my nights?  Unfortunately the answer is none of them. And that lack of inspiration can make a writer feel like a quitter.

In the words of my very wise critique partner:

Anyone can start a novel,

We’re members of the select group who finish them!

And that’s exactly what I’m trying to do – find the story I’m so passionate about that I want to finish.  No, need to finish.  So maybe sometimes it’s okay to swipe all the old, mediocre ideas off your desktop and start fresh. Not quitting, but making a strategic change of direction.  Deciding it’s okay to start fresh can lift a huge weight off a writer’s shoulders.  Already the creative juices are flowing. Time trading, here I come . . .

About Jennifer Kay

Jennifer Kay is a children's author aspiring to be published. All fingers and toes are crossed in hopes that one of her young adult novels will earn her that privilege one day soon.
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