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Talking Slower and Thinking Deeper

My twelfth packet of MFA homework was due earlier this week. For once it was submitted without any all-nighters, drama, or emotional meltdowns. I had plenty of time to do the quantity and quality of work I knew I had in … Continue reading

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Cleaning Up The Trailer Trash Stereotype

Tomorrow I depart for my third residency at Vermont College of Fine Arts WCYA. The dreaded critical thesis semester is about to consume my life – except I’m not really dreading it. I’m a structural engineer. Critical analysis and technical … Continue reading

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Subtext: Two Plus Two Equals A Reader Connection

Eons ago, at my first SCBWI Prairie Writer’s Day Conference, I heard the popular writing tip “show, don’t tell.” That catch phrase should be writing advice to live by, except this wide-eyed newbie didn’t understand how to “show.” I jumped … Continue reading

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Can Kids Relate to Structural Engineering?

I never thought my day job as a structural engineer designing bridges would ever intersect with my dream job writing for children. Right-brain pursuits never cross paths with left-brain projects. Yet somehow they have, with a little help from my … Continue reading

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VCFA WCYA Residency: My Trip to Hogwarts

Vermont College of Fine Arts. A.K.A. Brigadoon This place bears an uncanny resemblance to Hogwarts. The staircases don’t move, but the buildings seep tradition and history. There’s an eerie fog. A forest off in the distance. Even a bathroom stall … Continue reading

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Sample Illustrations

Where has Jennifer been for the past two months? Attached to my new digital drawing pad. It’s become a third limb. After only three hours of online webinars on how to use Manga Studio 5, I’ve reached below average functionality … Continue reading

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Starting the New Year with New Art Forms

It’s no secret I’m a creature of habit. If my online calendar crashed, my life would fall into utter chaos. I make lists. Even lists of my lists. There’s only one way to juggle so many balls for myself, my … Continue reading

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Ornaments are Memories

I love Christmas. Few things make me happier than seeing the lights and decorations go up, hearing holiday songs start playing, and watching the joy and wonder on children’s faces when they open gifts from Santa. That said, it’s a … Continue reading

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Writing Characters Who Don’t Look Like You

Last weekend my critique partner and I journeyed into Chicago for SCBWI Prairie Writer’s Day. Once again it was an event filled with awesome people in the publishing industry (or aspiring to be), invaluable knowledge, and heaps of inspiration. This … Continue reading

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Stories for All

This week Shannon and Dean Hale released the second book in their Princess in Black Series: Perfect Princess Party. Nicole and I devoured it on release day. It’s an early reader chapter book with hilarious illustrations by LeUyen Pham. Love … Continue reading

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