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What Makes An Old Story Shiny and New?

Three months ago I would’ve said my first completed young adult manuscript was a junker. All the air had leaked from the tires and it stood abandoned by the roadside. My former agent didn’t want it, and thirty more agents … Continue reading

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Girl Scout Camporee

As a new Girl Scout Leader there have been many ups and downs.  Some milestones were surprisingly easy, others bordered on torture.  But all and all, I would call the year a success.  My co-leader and I watched six kindergarten … Continue reading

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Miss Snark’s First Victim has released the dates for Baker’s Dozen Contest.  Check it out here.  This contest is a great opportunity to give your manuscript lots of agent attention, but you MUST have a completed manuscript to enter.  This year I … Continue reading

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Can Anyone Point Me Toward The Entrance?

Every unpublished writer hates the phrase “query letter”.  We enjoy crafting fictional stories, not bragging about ourselves. And that dreaded final paragraph kills us all.  How can we show publishing credentials when we haven’t actually been published? The answer, according … Continue reading

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Bring On The School Routine!

Somehow the school year has already snuck up on me.  Next week my daughter will start First Grade.  Yikes!  She is of course dreading it like the plague.  After a whole summer running wild in the woods, being confined to … Continue reading

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Is Guitar The New Laptop?

Life is cyclic.  Seasons change.  Holidays repeat.  Years pass as we awkwardly transition from infant to toddler to child to teenager to adult to parent to grandparent to elderly.  Along each stage we long for what we used to have, … Continue reading

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