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Can I Start Over Without Quitting?

Ever floundered over what story to write?  Felt like you’re drowning in the ocean of ideas, surrounded by life preservers you can’t quite reach?  After a solid year of revising, I thought I’d be thrilled to start a first draft. … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

This week I’ve been pondering why Thanksgiving has never really been my favorite holiday.  Of course it commemorates an important event in American history, and it teaches the essential value of being thankful. But beyond that, it really isn’t very … Continue reading

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Something Resilient

Last Saturday many published and aspiring Children’s book authors made their annual trek into Chicago for SCBWI Prairie’s Writer’s Day. This year’s theme was Something Brilliant This Way Comes, and it did. But not at all in the manner I’d … Continue reading

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Grandma’s Magic

Grandma’s Magic By: Jennifer Kay     Dedicated to Grandma Donna And Her Yarn Mountain     Grandma’s needles sing magic. Steady clicking from her chair.     They knitted kisses into my booties. But no one told me. I … Continue reading

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Writing Old School

Good Luck to all the NaNoWriMo Writers!  I’ve never participated since my writing process is more of a marathon of slowly working towards a completed first draft by writing an hour every day rather than a one month sprint, but … Continue reading

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