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The Open Question

My first revelation of 2018 is that MFA programs have magical time slip powers. I last blogged in September when my third semester at VCFA was just getting started and I had taken on the challenge of writing a pretty … Continue reading

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Talking Slower and Thinking Deeper

My twelfth packet of MFA homework was due earlier this week. For once it was submitted without any all-nighters, drama, or emotional meltdowns. I had plenty of time to do the quantity and quality of work I knew I had in … Continue reading

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Secret Hobbies

Ten years ago writing was my secret hobby. I had a story bubbling inside of me that slowly seeped out in stolen moments alone with my laptop. That secret hobby morphed over time from “something just for me” into a … Continue reading

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Sample Illustrations

Where has Jennifer been for the past two months? Attached to my new digital drawing pad. It’s become a third limb. After only three hours of online webinars on how to use Manga Studio 5, I’ve reached below average functionality … Continue reading

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Starting the New Year with New Art Forms

It’s no secret I’m a creature of habit. If my online calendar crashed, my life would fall into utter chaos. I make lists. Even lists of my lists. There’s only one way to juggle so many balls for myself, my … Continue reading

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Coloring – Not Just For Kids

In case you haven’t heard: Coloring is no longer just for kids. USA Today recently featured this article: Whimsical coloring books for grown-ups are a hit. Their story featured the break-out success of artist Johanna Basford, author of Secret Garden and … Continue reading

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My Creative Process

For the moment, life has reached the January lull. Holidays are over. Chaotic wedding plans are under control so we can breath a bit before the big day. I took a weekend to escape from all responsibilities and enjoy oil … Continue reading

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Is Guitar The New Laptop?

Life is cyclic.  Seasons change.  Holidays repeat.  Years pass as we awkwardly transition from infant to toddler to child to teenager to adult to parent to grandparent to elderly.  Along each stage we long for what we used to have, … Continue reading

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