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Remember the Reason

This summer we’ve all been assaulted with videos of the Ice Bucket Challenge on every possible form of social media. My daughter finds them hysterical and can’t get enough of videos where children dump buckets of water over their parent’s … Continue reading

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Save the Cursive!

School has started and our household now contains a proud second grader. I approached this milestone with both joy and dread. Second grade was very memorable for me. I had the meanest, strictest second grade teacher ever, so it was … Continue reading

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Next week the local kids go back to school.  We’ve been busy buying school supplies, signing up for after school activities, and frantically checking with all the other kids to see who will be in my daughter’s class this year.  … Continue reading

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Busy Reading

Sorry, Jen cannot blog today because her nose is buried in this awesome new middle grade series. You should check it out.  Yes, this is shameless advertising.  No, I did not write this book, but I am mentioned in the … Continue reading

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