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Pass It On

This week I want to re-direct you to a very good cause:   Due to his debilitating mental illnesses, writer Robison Wells and his family have crippling debt. His brother Dan Wells and Brandon Sanderson have put together an anthology … Continue reading

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RIP Elantra

I’m sad to report my Hyundai Elantra has officially died.  She was my sidekick for twelve years and 113,000 miles, watching my back during my scary entry into the adult world.  She drove me to my first real job, carried … Continue reading

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Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down Links

THUMBS UP for all the awesome retro sibling photos on Facebook for National Sibling Day.  You can check mine out here.  Hugs and Kisses to my awesome little sisters. THUMBS DOWN for our less than awesome 80’s fashion sense.  I … Continue reading

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Spring Madness

The warm weather has finally arrived, bringing along Spring Madness in my household.  For some inexplicable reason, I’ve never been subject to the normal female spring cleaning instinct.  Or any cleaning instinct for that matter.  Instead, I go into Home … Continue reading

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