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Locking Myself In The Study Cave

Jennifer is officially locking herself in the study cave.  She is about to attempt the SE lateral forces exam for the sixth time.  Don’t ask.  Best not to anger the study beast.    This week, for your entertainment, a few interesting links:  Divergent … Continue reading

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Adventuring to New Worlds

As we celebrate Columbus’s great adventure to the New World, my daughter and I will be making our yearly trek to the Wisconsin Dells Waterparks.  He surely had sea sick crew members aboard his ships,  much like we already have … Continue reading

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What’s Your Dream?

This morning Authoress made a bold statement on her blog.  She never plans to retire.  Writing is her life work, one she’ll never drop because of a conventional retirement age.  I applaud her passion.  Writing is also my life work, … Continue reading

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