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Hysterical Halloween Spoofs

What makes a Halloween literary classic?  Vampires?  Monsters?  Ghosts?  Frankenstein?  The scarier the better, right?  Not for me.  I’m the girl who jumps when they cue the spooky music and misses most of horror movies because my eyes are covered.  … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to Me!

This year, as I turn <awkward cough> years old, I had trouble making a birthday list for the well-meaning relatives who’ve been badgering me for ideas.  At this stage in my life I already have everything I need, most things … Continue reading

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The New Fall Tradition

Brisk, cool weather has swept into the Midwest, convincing us that fall has finally settled in.  As I pulled out the long sleeves and warm jackets for my daughter, I reminisced on my favorite fall traditions:  pumpkin patches, pony rides, … Continue reading

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The Casual Vacancy

I’d planned to post my review of JK Rowling’s much anticipated new book, The Casual Vacancy, today.  It was released on September 27th and it’s never taken me more than a few days to read any of her books.  Plenty … Continue reading

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